ADA and braille services in Honlulu


One-piece construction and baked-on enamel paints are what makes up our Chemcast (magnesium) tactile/Braille signs, making them usable for both interior or exterior settings. It’s aesthetically pleasing and can withstand heavy use, vandalism and easily covers graffiti.


Photocast (zinc) tactile/Braille signs retain all of the durability and design versatility of Chemcast signs while offering you plenty of additional decorating options. These chemically interior/exterior rated signs are available in a metal finish -gold, silver or natural silvertone- on their raised areas which complements their painted background. The classic accents of metaltone Photocast signs add a refined appearance to any decor.

Sand-carved process

To meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, signs are made from hard phenolic ES/MP plastic laminate or fiberglass. The tactile characters are the result of sand blasting the background material thus raising the characters 1/32 of an inch. The characters and Braille are then an intrinsic part of the sign material. Multi-colored borders and logos can also be incorporated into the design to meet your needs.

Stamped aluminum

These are manufactured using .100″ H-32 aluminum sheet which are bright dipped and anodized in standard colors, covered with pressure-sensitive masking sheet. Male and female dies are employed to form the individual letters and Braille required. This is produced with evenly raised characters and sharp, well defined edges. A wide range of background colors are available in smooth or wrinkle finishes.

Injection molded plastic

International symbols and pictograms with copy are economical stock signs to assist you in your compliance efforts. These include one piece constructed signs, raised characters and symbol/s with corresponding Braille.

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